Yellowstone National Park is a land of extreme diversity. Nowhere else will you find wolves, bison, and grizzlies living among the largest concentration of hot springs and geysers in the world. The park’s 2.2 million acres is an incongruous landscape of bubbling hot, lunar-like geothermal features, lush green rolling meadowlands, snow covered mountain peaks, colorful canyons, waterfalls, lakes and untamed rivers. It is a park so large, so complex and so fascinating it seems fitting that it owns the title as our world’s first national park.

Our 60-minute PARK APPROVED audio tour will help you understand what you are seeing and smelling! It is not a mile-by-mile guide; it can be listened to anywhere. It features an impressive group of knowledgeable Park Ranger geologists, biologists and naturalists. They’ll explain the geological processes that created the landscape, and tell you why this area in Wyoming has so many geothermal hot spots. Their study and observation of the park’s wildlife (particularly wolves, bison and grizzlies) and their experience with massive forest fires, lends authority to their personal stories. You’ll hear about the region’s earliest visitors — Native Americans, and about the colorful characters who followed, who ultimately influenced the park’s development. You’ll also hear about the struggle to survive in one of the most unique, wild, and volatile places on earth.

Professionally narrated and filled with music and nature sounds (recorded on location) this audio tour is as entertaining as it is educational.

If you are heading to Grand Teton and want a complete understanding of both of these remarkable parks, then listen to our tour of Grand Teton National Park as well!

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Map of Yellowstone National Park

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